Contemporarily sophisticated features, quality Czech craftsmanship and exceptional materials from Europe’s best manufacturers have composed an essence of the brand since 2013. Founder and designer Matěj Maňák holds onto the meaning of the name EMBLEMM – symbol or icon – as a lead to uniqueness and inventiveness that, along with his monogram MM, represent personal expression of individuality embedded in each product.



Matěj Maňák
Founder & designer of EMBLEMM Matěj Maňák





“Although most of the people are hesitant to stand out from the crowd, I believe it is a great thing. I never followed some traditional process of becoming a fashion designer and this approach has become part of the brand. In school I felt like losing time and my dream job was unreachable so I found my own way.

Ever since I was little I evolved creatively in art school and during high school I gradually became more interested in business and how I dressed. Inevitably a day came when I sat in my office at previous work and all my qualities, interests and skills manifested themselves in a polo shirt sketch that set off a series of ideas in my head leading to the current form of my brand EMBLEMM.

But before the first products, mainly inspired by music and the culture surrouding it, emerged there were years of learning. I moved to London where I earned money for my ambition and my job in Harrods immensely raised my quality and design standards. On Paris’ trade show Premiere Vision I bought the best materials. And years spent working with Czech tailoring companies and workshops taught me complex manufacturing processes.

As I returned to my roots with the first sketch in the office, it is the same now. After years I moved back to my native Prague with a big goal: create beautiful and exclusive clothing and accessories in sustainable way, carry on the tradition of a years-long Czech craftsmanship and bring the Czech Republic to the European fashion map.”


– Matěj Maňák, founder & designer








From blazers’ lining to labels and packaging, the unmistakable EMBLEMM blue has appeared throughout the brand ever since its origin. The inspiration for this hue was originally a shoe from one English shoemaker but it is mainly an expression of a strong connection between Matěj Maňák’s personality and the brand itself. It was precisely chosen to reflect the character of EMBLEMM’s culture – calm, progressive and confident spirit, sophistication and elegance, simultaneously its green tint marks the relationship with nature and protection of environment that are coded in the company’s values.